Body Beast Nutrition Macros for Women

I start this conversation off talking to women because lucky you GUYS… the Book of Beast (included with the program) already addresses your needs.  Guys, you can still benefit from this post if you need help figuring out your calories & macros however.

Body Beast Nutrition Macros for WomenI’ve had mixed feelings about this program because of their utter lack of forethought in including women in ANYTHING related to this program.  Unless I missed something (and I could have!), I’ve seen NOTHING in the guide, DVDs , marketing or website that in any way helps women with getting the most out of this program.  (ETA:  since I posted this article 2 years ago Beachbody has added some support online for women, yay!) That said… I think this is an awesome program!  I know I could benefit from more muscle to torch all the holiday calories I plan to consume! And because of that, I’m going to forgive Beachbody for ignoring the ladies and dive in head first doing Body Beast as my Fall-Winter program.

THE BOOK OF BEAST.  This is the guide that comes with the DVDs.  This guide is the #1 tool that will help you gain success with this program.  Read it!

For men the calculations and advice is pretty straight forward with plenty of examples shown.  For petite women who fall off the low end of the guide’s charts however, I’ve written my own numbers below for your reference.  The math for women is the same as for men.

Here are the basics covered in the BEAST guide:

  1. equipment list
  2. the program schedule : huge & lean versions
  3. workout tips & safety
  4. eating plan & budget
  5. calorie & macro-nutrient calculations
  6. portion charts

Body Beast Nutrition Macros for Women

what if you fall BELOW the numbers noted in the guide??

Women, we still want to use the same calculations as noted in the guide. We just may not want to round up quite as severely as the guide suggests. Only you can know what your body needs. If you are hungry, then EAT! But make the food clean. No fast food, no packaged food. Nothing with any chemicals or preservatives.


STEP 0.  Use this CALCULATOR to get your Body Fat % which is the same as BMI

STEP 1.  [100 - Body Fat %] / 100 x weight = Lean Body Mass (LBM)

me:  100-20BF = 80, 80/100 = .80, .80x118lbs = 94.4

STEP 2.  LBM x 10 = Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)

me: 194.4×10=944 calories to exist

STEP 3.  RMR x .3 = Caloric Modification for Recovery (CMR)

me: 944x.3=283 additional calories needed to maintain

STEP 4.  RMR + CMR = Resting Metabolic Rate Modified for Recovery (RMR2)

me: 944+283=1227calories to stay the same w/no exercise

STEP 5.  RMR2 + 600*  Calorie Intake to Maintain Weight (CIM)

me: 1227+600=1827calories to stay the same WITH added weight training

STEP 6.  If Body Fat (BF) is more than 20% you would take your CIM and add 10% more during the fist 2 of 3 Body Beast Phases.

me:  my own body fat calculation is not more than 20% but since this has not been confirmed by a doctor I could be as high as 25%.  Instead of adding the additional 10% in calories all the time, I will add them only if I feel I need them on a particular day.


The lowest chart given in THE BOOK OF BEAST is 2,000 calories.  So figuring out the Body Beast Nutrition Macros for Women is a little tougher.  Instead, I figure out how many grams in fat, protein & carbs equal my macro goal below…

1,800 CALORIES A DAY broken down as:
25% fat  25% protein 50% carbs = approximately 50 grams from fat, 113 grams from protein, 225 grams from carbohydrates

I plug this into my calorie tracker and with reference to the portion suggestions within the GUIDE I’m off to the races!

I’m on DAY 2 so far, at the very beginning of my Body Beast journey.  I hope you follow along as I post now and them about my experience with the program.  I’ll update this post if need be.  And again, feel free to post comments & questions below!

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