Big news – and it’s NOT from Beachbody!


I’m happy to announce today that I will be starting a new section of the blog devoted to working out & nutrition while pregnant!

Yes… we are expecting a baby girl early next year and are super excited!

While I put together some blog posts about my experiences so far, I would love to hear if any of YOU have stories to share or questions to ask about fitness, nutrition and pregnancy.  Or if you have friends who are pregnant please them to my blog.  They can easily subscribe to my updates on the Home Page!

Of course I will only be sharing my opinion.  I’m not a doctor, but I feel my experience could be helpful to new moms out there.

And don’t worry, baby won’t be clogging your news feed.  There are still plenty of other topics to discuss when it comes to fitness & nutrition!

Your congratulation are of course very appreciated, but please send an EMAIL if you feel compelled, DON’T post it on Facebook.  We thank you!

PHOTOGRAPHY FRIENDS – Some of you know that I am ALSO a full-time photographer.  I photograph a lot of weddings, portraits, babies.  For those of you who know me better as a photographer than a coach, this message is for you.  I’m NOT quitting photography (or fitness coaching) after the baby arrives!  I’ll need your help to support our family more than ever so please don’t write me off!  Send those referrals!

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 4.50.33 PMYou may also be interested in following my reviews of doing the PiYO 60-Day Challenge while pregnant as well.  You can view that HERE.

Love to hear your thoughts!