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Have you been looking for a way to get your invitations out easier?  Do you have trouble finding the links to access all of Beachbody’s great coach training videos?  Does it take you too long to find the direct product ordering links for all the awesome challenge packs your customers are asking for?  Well. problem solved….I have created this links page just for you!

Just replace my coach code with your own Beachbody code and you are ready to go.

***warning – use codes at your own risk.  Jen Dery & Team Lean & Fit are only providing these to be helpful and although care was taken we cannot guarantee this information as accurate***

Join Beachbody:

Compensation Plan Details:

Challenge Packs

Annual All-Access Beachbody On Demand and Shakeology Challenge Pack:

Annual All-Access Beachbody On Demand Performance Pack:

Annual All-Access Beachbody On Demand Kickstart and Shakeology Challenge Pack:

3-Day Refresh® and Shakeology® Challenge Pack:

22 Minute Hard Corps and Shakeology Challenge Pack:

22 Minute Hard Corps Performance Pack:

CIZE® and Shakeology Challenge Pack:

CIZE Kickstart and Shakeology Challenge Pack:

Club and Shakeology Challenge Pack:

Club Kickstart and Shakeology Challenge Pack:

Club Performance Pack:

CORE DE FORCE and Shakeology Challenge Pack:

CORE DE FORCE Kickstart and Shakeology Challenge Pack:

CORE DE FORCE Performance Pack:

Country Heat and Shakeology Challenge Pack:

Country Heat Kickstart and Shakeology Challenge Pack:

$ 305

Beachbody Ultimate Reset Challenge Pack: (270 PV)

$ 245

LES MILLS PUMP Challenge Pack: (215 PV)

$ 220

Body Beast Challenge Pack: (195 PV)

$ 205

Focus T25 Challenge Pack: (180 PV)

P90X3 Challenge Pack: (180 PV)

Brazil Butt Lift 90-Day Booty Bundle Challenge Pack: (180 PV)

Tai Cheng Challenge Pack: (180 PV)

P90X Challenge Pack: (180 PV)

P90X2 Challenge Pack: (180 PV)

INSANITY Challenge Pack: (180 PV)

TurboFire Challenge Pack: (180 PV)

$ 180

P90X3 Challenge Pack – $180 Special Offer: (150 PV)

Body Beast Shakeology Challenge Pack: (150 PV)

10-Minute Trainer Challenge Pack: (150 PV)

ChaLEAN Extreme Challenge Pack: (150 PV)

INSANITY: THE ASYLUM Challenge Pack: (150 PV)

$ 160

Shaun T Dance Challenge Pack: (135 PV)

Power 90 In-Home Boot Camp Challenge Pack : (135 PV)

Turbo Jam Challenge Pack: (135 PV)

Brazil Butt Lift Challenge Pack: (135 PV)

LES MILLS COMBAT Challenge Pack: (135 PV)

$ 140

Body Gospel Challenge Pack: (135 PV)

Slim in 6 Challenge Pack: (135 PV)

Hip Hop Abs Challenge Pack: (135 PV)

Derm Exclusive® Ultimate Kit (7 pieces, 90-day supply): (85 PV)

Fitness Program Links:

Power 90: (45 PV)

P90X: (90 PV)

P90X en Espanol: (90 PV)

P90X2: (90 PV)

P90X2 Ultimate Upgrade Package: (70 PV)

P90X3 : (90 PV)

P90X3 Ultimate Kit: (247 PV)

10-Minute Trainer: (60 PV)

10-Minute Trainer en Espanol: (60 PV)

Power Half Hour: (30 PV)

Body Beast DVD Package: (68 PV)

Body Beast DVD Pkg w/ Huge Stack: (124 PV)

Body Beast DVD Pkg w/ Beast Stack: (151 PV)

Slim in 6 Deluxe: (90 PV)

Turbo Jam: (45 PV)

ChaLean Extreme Deluxe: (135 PV)

TurboFire: (90 PV)

TurboFire: The Complete System: (160 PV)

Hip Hop Abs: (45 PV)

Hip Hop Abs en Espanol: (45 PV)

Rockin Body: (45 PV)


T25 DVD Package: (90 PV)

T25 Deluxe DVD Package: (180 PV)

T25 Gamma Package: (90 PV)

T25 Gamma DVDs Only: (45 PV)

INSANITY 60-Day Total Body Conditioning Program: (90 PV)

INSANITY Deluxe Package: (124 PV)



Insanity en Espanol: (90 PV)

Shaun Ts Fit Kids Club: (15 PV)

Get Real with Shaun T: (15 PV)

Yoga Booty Ballet Classic: (30 PV)

Yoga Booty Ballet Master Series: (45 PV)

Brazil Butt Lift Supreme: (135 PV)

Brazil Butt Lift en Espanol: (45 PV)

LES MILLS PUMP DVD Workout Package: (125 PV)

LES MILLS PUMP Ultimate Cross Training Deluxe: (200 PV)

LES MILLS COMBAT with Bonus Workout: (45 PV)

Tai Cheng: (90 PV)

Tai Cheng Master Kit: (180 PV)

Body Gospel: (60 PV)

Body Gospel Deluxe: (105 PV)

Ultimate Reset Links:

Beachbody Ultimate Reset Complete Kit: (150 PV)

Ultimate Reset Dual Kit: (262 PV)

Ultimate Reset Refill Kit: (135 PV)

Beachbody Ultimate Reset Challenge Pack: (270 PV)

Supplement Links:

Shakeology: (90 PV)

Shakeology Taste Sampler: (5 PV)

P90X Peak Recovery Formula – pkt: (25 PV)

Energy and Endurance Pre-workout Formula – Tub: (15 PV)

Beachbody MAX Creatine: (10 PV)

Your 4 FREE Coach Pages

Profile Page:

Coach Sales Page:

Ultimate Reset:

Shakeology Page:

Shop – Join – Coach – Challenge Page:


Free Membership:

Club Membership:


Coach Upgrade Page:

Become a Coach:

Country Lead Collector:

TBB Challenge Page:

Challenge Group Landing Pages:

Beachbody Challenge Overview:

Step #1: Choose a Pack:

Step #2: Contest:

Step #2: Contest – Commit Now:

Step #2: Contest – Enter Results:

The THREE Coaching Videos to Watch:

Lets Get Started:

How To Do It:

How To Earn:

New Coaching Video Links:

Coach Online Office Overview:

Your Profile and Websites:

Customer to Coach Guide: How to Convert Customers to Coaches:

How to Earn & Track Team Cup Points:

How Do You Earn Money Now:

Business Activity Tracker:

How To Use the Leader Road Map:

Carey Martin Leader Road Map Testimonial:

Contact List:

How to Build Relationships:

Premier/Elite Program 2013:

How to Earn: Through Rank Advancement:

Say Hello to Success on Demand:

Coach Basics Equals Coach Success:

New Success Starters Program:

Your ‘What Is Shakeology?’ Response:

How to Use Shakeology Samples In Your Business:

How to Overcome Objections:

What Does ‘Invite Invite Invite’ Mean?:

Chalene Johnson’s ‘Social Media 101’:

Coach Training Academy Video Links:

Your Profile and Websites:

7-Day Quick Start:

Coach Online Office Overview:

How to Earn Commissions and Bonuses:

How to Earn Team Cycle Bonuses:

How to Advance in Rank:

Benefits of Success Club:

How to Earn and Save for Cruise Travel Dollars:

Beachbody Challenge Group Training – Lesson One:

Beachbody Challenge Group Training – Lesson Two:

Beachbody Challenge Group Training – Lesson Three:

Beachbody Challenge Group Training – Lesson Three:

Contact List:

Business Activity Tracker:

Lead Lesson One: What Are the Lead Programs?:

Lead Lesson Two: How Do I Qualify?:

Lead Lesson Three: What Do My Customer Leads Know and Expect?:

Lead Lesson Four: How Do I Follow Up?:

Connecting With Your Customers:

Connecting With Your Team:

Sharing Cycle Video Links:






Intro to Fit Club Workout Video:


5-Step Invitation Process:


Spanish Coaching Video Links:


Como Lograrlo:

Como Ganar:

Plan de Compensacion Team Beacbody:

De DONDE Vienen los ingredients de Shakeology?:

Shakeology y el indice Glucemico:

Por Que Team Beachbody:

La Oportunidad de Team Beachbody:

Product DVD Video Links:

Use this Link to Select a Program:

It Starts Here:

Beginner/Intermediate – Power 90 :

Beginner/Intermediate – Slim in 6:

Beginner/Intermediate – Turbo Jam:

Beginner/Intermediate – Hip Hop Abs:

Beginner/Intermediate – 10-Minute Trainer:

Beginner/Intermediate – REV ABS:

Beginner/Intermediate – Body Gospel:

Beginner/Intermediate – Brazil Butt Lift:

Beginner/Intermediate – Yoga Booty Ballet:

Beginner/Intermediate – Tai Cheng:

Beginner/Intermediate – Focus T25:

Advanced – P90X:

Advanced – P90X2:

Advanced – P90X3:

Advanced – P90X2-Core:

Advanced – P90X2-Total Body:

Advanced – P90X2-Shoulders & Arms:

Advanced – ChaLean Extreme:

Advanced – Turbo Fire:

Advanced – Insanity:

Advanced – Asylum:

Advanced – Asylum #2:

Advanced – One on One with Tony Horton:

Advanced – Les Mills PUMP:

Advanced – Les Mills COMBAT:

Advanced – Body Beast:

APP – P90X:

APP – Certification:

Nutrition – Shakeology:

Nutrition – BeachBody Nutritionals:

Nutrition – Introducing E&E Energy and Endurance Preworkout Formula:

DECIDE DVD Video Links:


Founder Invitation:

Success Story Compilation:

Coaching-Opportunity of a Lifetime:

Shakeology DVD Video Links:

The Breakthrough:

The Opportunity (How to make $ with it):

Nutrition Simplified:

Shakeology Fields:

Doctors Don’t Lie:

Shakeology v/s Juice or Coffee:

New Tropical Flavor:

Tony Drinks Shakeology:

Isabelle talks Shakeology:

Shakeology Glycemic Index:

Shakeology A Labor of Love:

Three Reasons to Drink Shakeology:

Internal Health and Regularity:

The Healthiest Shake around…The World:

Crazy About Nutrition:

New Tropical Strawberry Shakeology:

Introducing Chocolate Vegan Shakeology:

Vanilla Shakeology Is Now Available:

Where do Shakeology Ingredients come from:

Find out how Shakeology can work for you:

Finding Better Health in a Glass:

Shake off the pounds with Shakeology:

Learn what’s new in Chocolate Shakeology’s NEW Superfood Formula:

Tony Horton “Checks Out” Shakeology:

Ultimate Reset Video Links:

BeachBody Ultimate Reset – Every Body needs a Tune-up!:

BeachBody Ultimate Reset – Reset Your Body:

See the Clinical Trial Results of The Beachbody Ultimate Reset:

Buh-Bye Constipation. Hello Life!:

Derm Exclusive Video Links:

Derm Exclusive: Your 1st Appointment with Dr. Ordon:

Derm Exclusive: Instant Anti-Aging Solution:

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