Why you should be a Beachbody Coach if you like Shakeology

Why you should be a Beachbody Coach if you like Shakeology

Are you as addicted to Shakeology as I am?  Have you ordered month after month – one at a time? And paid full price all this time?  Have you dismissed suggestions to become a coach because you think its a scam?

Why should you be a Beachbody coach if you like Shakeology?  Simple!! Look at the math!

shakeology discount virtual couponIf you are a looking for a way to discount your shakeology order it makes the most sense to sign up for both auto-ship and a coach account. Even with the $15.95 monthly Coach subscription fee you still save around $413 a year over ordering full price & one at a time.

Ready to get started?

There are a few different ways to join:

  1. SIGN UP HERE directly on the Beachbody website as a coach & order Shakeology
  2. WATCH A VIDEO HERE on the program before you decide.
  3. Most Popular….Order a Challenge Pack (workout program + shakeology + coach sign up) and get your $40 sign up fee waived and your workout program at a discountCONTACT ME to ask questions first & I can send you direct links to order exactly what you want.

Further increase your savings by introducing Shakeology to your friends!

Do you have to sell it to your friends?  Absolutely not!  But I can tell you from my own experience, they are going to ask you about it anyway when they see how much healthier you act and look after you’ve been on Shakeology a while.  Co-workers will see you in the break room and ask what you are drinking.  Family members will get excited for you and want to join in on your fitness journey.  Why not have people who would buy Shakeology anyway help YOU get a discount?

For every Shakeology order you sell you make $30 – every month – on every order! *

how much you can make off of shakeology order commissions

As you see in this graph, you might pay $1384.92 a year for your own Shakeology order…. but with just 4 of your friends ordering their own Shakeology through YOU, your own order is completely covered.  FREE!

To Maximize your commissions, please let me help provide you with some FREE training so we make sure you set up your “back office” on the Beachbody website properly.  I’ll make sure you get paid and you may even qualify for monthly volume bonuses if we set you up right!

*Shakeology always ships directly from Beachbody.  You only help your friends sign up using your own unique commission code and answering their questions.  You DO NOT have to keep any inventory or ship anything to anyone.


Worried about being shipping more Shakeology than you want? Worried about signing up for an automatic subscription?  Rest Assured!

Yes, I understand most times you sign up for “automatically reoccurring charges” it can be scary.  What if you want to cancel?  Are there a bunch of hoops to jump through to do so?    I know I’ve had trouble cancelling charges like these myself.  But you have NO WORRIES with Beachbody.

I will tell you how to cancel before you ever order.

Beachbody has a 30-day money back guarantee.  You want to cancel or return your shakeology?  You can and its easy.

  1. Mark your calendar so you remember the DAY YOU ORDERED.  This is your shipping date and marks the beginning of your 30 days.  Anew order of shakeology will ship on this day every month.
  2. Add your customer ID# you are given when you first order from Beachbody to your calendar entry.
  3. add the Beachbody email address too:  customerservice@teambeachbody.com
  4. If you have a return or want to cancel – just email Beachbody, including your customer number, from the email address you used to order, and they will cancel your account or help you with your return.
  5. You can also call: 1 (800) 470-7870 Monday through Friday, 6 AM to 6 PM (all times Pacific)

Love to hear your thoughts!