60 days left before baby!

Well, 60 days assuming she is on time that is!

Being a first time mom, I still find it hard to believe this is really happening!  We are beyond excited and a little scared to be honest.  I keep wondering how I’m going to fit in time for 3 businesses + my workouts and nutrition + a new baby.  Not to mention the husband, and 3 pets who need my attention too!  But fit it in I will. Something will have to give, we’ll see what it is.  Less time on Facebook & in front of the TV I suspect.

A while back I wrote an article about doing PiYo pregnant.  I also did one about P90X3 pregnant.  I’ve had such a great response to my posts that I want to continue that conversation with some of you…


I get a ton of email and questions about weight gain during pregnancy.  I’m not surprised, its so strange to see your body just change before your eyes.  And honestly, there isn’t much you can do to control it.  Just the same, I’m happy to share my experience in case it helps others…

As of the writing of this post I’m at 31 weeks, 3 days.  That leaves 60 days to go!  At 5’3″ I’ve gained 20.5 lbs so far.  I’ll probably gain another 8 or so by the time our little one arrives.

This means I’ll have a good 10-15 to loose after all is said and done. Now that isn’t a ton in the scheme of things, I know.  But it is a lot FOR ME.  Whatever you need to lose is a lot FOR YOU.  To each their own there.  But regardless of your number, I do believe I can help.  I truly believe my good habits prior to & during pregnancy are going to help me recover afterwards.  Guess we’ll have to wait to find out though.

I’ve started a Mama’a group on Facebook so that starting at the New Year, the weight loss battle starts!  (BFing taken into account of course!)  If you are a new or veteran Mama that has some pounds to loose and you don’t mind a bunch of newborn talk I invite you to join me!


Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 11.44.29 AM


We will be picking one of these 30 minute (average) programs + Shakeology:

  • P90X3 Good balance of cardio, endurance & resistance work.
  • FOCUS T25 teaches coordination and cardio with some light resistance work.
  • 21 DAY FIX portion controlled nutrition + how make workouts a habit. (my suggestion)
  • SHAKEOLOGY in my opinion, the best meal replacement shake on the market!


Just chit chatting in the group and getting to know each other.  We will start our nutrition work in January and our workouts in February.60daysleft3low




Love to hear your thoughts!